Our Team


    Pook...Model, Designer, Curator

 I have a passion for clothing ever since I was a child. It all started with playing paper doll dress-up and next thing I know I was always mix and match my clothes to fit the mood of the day and the passion turn into designing and styling which I love :)

    Sai...Assistant, Sourcer, Pattern Maker, Cutting...

 My name is Sai, I am the fabric sourcer, pattern maker. I love working with natural fabric and dyed them too :) And i enjoy adding small details to make things unique. I wear mostly natural clothing and this is what i love to share

    Bom...Creator, Hand dyed men, Pattern Maker Assistant, Cutting 

 My name is Bom. I am the husband of Sai. My main role in our team is too dyed our clothing. I also assisted Sai in making pattern and cutting fabric. We had been making clothes for decade to mostly Japanese wholesaler it's why I learn to develop and create zen style clothing.

    Sri...Creator, Tailor, Specialized In Tribal And Hemp Fabric.

 My name is Sri. I had been a tailor most of my life. I have passion for handmade especially the tribal art. I have big collection of vintage Hmong rare embroidery and I include them in my creations. I love working with hemp and all natural fabric. I'm helped by two assistant with who i worked for long time Oy and Jan.

    Daniel...Marketer, Curator, Model, Photographer

 My name is Daniel. At Earthernwear, I source vintage fabric for our product, and also take care of the listing, marketing, translating, shipping and convo. It will be always a pleasure to answer you so all your questions are welcome!!! I speak English, French and Spanish. So you can write to me in any of the 3!


 We all wish that you will enjoy wearing our creation and feels the Love and Attentions we give to them :)

We wish you a Loving Day <3

Earthernwear Team