Coming full circle...back to basic and simplicity

We had a long history of making clothes. We met when we were working together for a cotton weaving factory that is located in Chiang Mai north of Thailand. They were the big producer for many wholesalers from around the world. 

In 2008, We decided to work together and create our first online shop on Etsy ... Cocoricooo ... We had a tremendous success right from the start and we had worked on orders for the next 3 years with hardly any day off. 

In 2013 Some members of the team have decided to take a break to spend more time with their family and to take some rest ... and others continue their success with cocoricooo ...

Long story short, after a few years of time well spent with family (one member even decide to have more kid!) and so much creativity flowing, we decided to get back on etsy again. 

This time, with a different calling. We are more into natural clothing, eco dyed fabric, hemp and linen, simple timeless, everyday comfy wear. One of a kind beauty. We pay close attention to the fabric we use, and we choose as natural material as we can. And we are still crazy about small details. We love hand-embroidery, raw finishing, vintage tribal art, and we always find a chance to add them to all our creations. 

We intend for our product to be a unique wearable piece of art that you can use in your daily life, and that express something about you.

So here we are, sharing with you our style and lifestyle...